How can I help

Psychotherapy can provide you with the tools to overcome longstanding issues in your personal life. Some areas that we can work on together to enhance your life include:

  • Identifying patterns that are sources of emotional pain and distress
  • Developing more beneficial coping strategies
  • Improving relationships with family and colleagues
  • Increasing self image and self-esteem
Psychotherapy - illustration
What to expect

Psychotherapy entails talking about your present experiences, thoughts and feelings as well as your past. Although this will not be our sole focus, talking about your past enables us to look at the sources of your distress and the experiences that have made you who you are. Exploring the complex layers of feelings and experiences that make up your unique history takes time. As you make progress in your treatment, you will likely discover additional issues that relate to your original problem that you may like to address. I will be there to guide you throughout this process.

Typically, sessions are 45 minutes in length. An initial consultation will help us identify your needs/goals and help to familiarize you with my approach.

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